About Us

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Hi! We are Adele and Ken Horovatin, owners of Horovatin Consulting Ltd., an Alberta-based corporation.

Adele Horovatin

Compensation and Human Resources Specialist

Adele has a passion for compensation and has always been intrigued with “why someone makes what they make”. A self-professed “Job Whisperer”, Adele enjoys listening to people talk about what they do and seeing the passion they have for their work.

Certified in both HR and Compensation, (CPHR and CCP) Adele has enjoyed a career with a variety of industries from Post-Secondary Education, Health Care, Finance, Insurance, and Telecommunications, to Oil and Gas, each having their own challenges and opportunities…always looking and learning, working to make a difference.

Ken Horovatin

Quality Assurance Specialist, Data Science Enthusiast, and Computer Geek

Ken has been messing around with computers for so long he used to call William Gates at MITS, (later Microsoft) for technical support. His computer software career has evolved from “play with it until it breaks” to “let’s design this better so it doesn’t break”.

Over his career Ken has worked for some of the big software names, including Microsoft, Autodesk, and PageAhead. In addition, he has had many opportunities to provide professional software quality support to more local names like Cenovus, Shaw, AESO, and Pason Systems Corp.




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119 Parkglen Pl SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 4M5